Q.  How long will it take to receive my stamp order?
A.  Orders are dispatched the same day they are ordered. Generally delivery time is 3 - 4 days.

Q.  How many impressions will I get out of my self inking stamp?
A.  The stamps last approx 10,000 impressions before you will need to either replace the pad in the Colop or add more ink to the I-stamp.

Q.  How many years are the Date Stamps good for?
A.  The date stamps are usable for 9 years.

Q.  I am having touble setting up my stamp in the Stamp Designer.
A.  Just email us the details of your stamp, and we will design it and send you   a proof.

Q.  What type of file can I upload?
A   Your file needs to be High Resolution in solid black and white. (greyscale shading is not suitable) Acceptable file types are: .jpg - .png or .tiff 

Q.  I can't find the type of stamp or size I require?
A.  Just email us with your requirements, and we will source it for you.

Q.  I can't seem to move my uploaded file in Stamp Designer.
A.  You can move it by clicking on the Left, Right or Centred alignment buttons.

Q.  Do you carry Trodat and Shiny stamp pads?
A.  Yes we do.  Simply email for availability and a quote.

Q.  I already have artwork of the stamp design I want.  Is it possible to have it exactly the same?
A.  Yes. Just save it as a monochrom high resolution .jpeg .png or .tiff file.  If unsure, simply email the file as is to us and we will convert it for you.